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    export to Flash (FLV)?

    Bembelembe Level 1

      Will there be in Catalyst, in future, feature like export to Flash FLV?

      I tried beta and since I'm not into flex builder.. opening the file in Flash would be extremely great option.

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          acath Level 4



          Did you mean export to Flash FLV (video), or FLA (Flash Pro file)?



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            Bembelembe Level 1


            I can't believe that I made such a mistake! I meant FLA - Flash Professional file!

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              njadobe2 Adobe Employee



              Unfortunately, it would be pretty difficult to export an entire Flash Catalyst project as a FLA, because the underlying models are pretty different. However, we're making it possible to import and control Flash Pro assets, so you can create more complex animations in Flash and then import them into Flash Catalyst, and we plan to expand our integration with Flash Pro assets over time.


              Just out of curiosity, could you describe some examples of things you'd want to do in Flash Pro to extend an FC project?





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                Bembelembe Level 1

                I thought so... but I hoped.


                Why I want to edit Catalyst project further in Flash is to add some specific behaviours I could not add in Catalyst. Also to use some libraries, scripts, plugins etc I use in Flash Pro. As I'm not familiar with Flash Builder or Flex and not versatile with ActionScript, it would be great that I can set up easily and fast the basic web site in Catalyst and polish some things in Flash Pro.