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        Please read what I have said, and stop adding ridiculous conspiracy theories.

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          srepmubs Level 1

          I'm not talking about what is likely or unlikely. Adobe could theoretically easily have Codeweavers sign an NDA for the source code. that wouldn't cost anything, and probably make it a lot easier for Codeweavers to improve photoshop support. Having Adobe push better support in itself would probably also accellerate things. For example, they could offer an experimental Linux version to users that already have a Windows/OSX version at much reduced price, while being clear that there's no official support for it at this point. Every user that buys this versions means extra money for Adobe, and in many cases a new customer for Codeweavers. If Adobe wanted, I'm sure something could be worked out that would be beneficial to both companies, without large investments on either side.

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            SithLordKarl Level 1

            Yes, Google dumped money into Codeweavers to port stuff and make it more stable.  Getting Linux distros to unify probably isn't going to happen given the diverse needs and desires of it's users, who are generally more tech-savvy than the Windows users... and more so than the Mac ones.


            However, I don't see the point of Adobe snubbing the idea. Market research isn't infalliable, nor accurate.  Beware of correlation/causation. And if cost of porting is so high, you guys seriously need to look at your overhead. Or perhaps get another company to help with porting like many others do.  Considering the price of your products, the new offices you guys have in Seattle, I think you can afford it.


            Besides, Photoshop is the top requested port for Linux distros.  There is a market.  Sure the open-source Linux community is a little weary of commercial software in some aspects, but that's only because pay software has left a bad taste in their mouths.

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              Keny Woo Level 1

              Mr. c.pfaffenbichler,


              "So are you trying to point out the underlying issues of all polls?" The answer is simply YES - all polls (except census) are questionable in the perspective of serious statistical analysis and scientific interpretation. Did you see any results of peer reviewed articles based on polls? Did you see any insurance companies or financial institutes retrieving their information based on polls?


              Poll is nothing but an entertaining trick belongs to political propaganda or Facebook. A serious company like Adobe is simply not supposed to market their product based on volunteer questionnaires.


              FYI: http://www.umdnj.edu/idsweb/shared/biases.htm

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                flyboi22 Level 1

                May I ask which part is a "conspiracy theory"? It couldn't be the documented fact that Google has spent more money getting Photoshop to work on a new line of Operating Systems than Adobe has. It isn't the fact that if Google is succesfull in assisting in the creating of a working Wine version that can run Adobe products, it will likely make you more money. It can't be the documented work and process in which Google got their windows Picasa to work and be packaged for linux using Wine.


                Before you insult me again, Chris, please tell me which part is a conspiracy? Of course I have read what you have written, which is why I am not banging my hands against the floor asking you to make a full port or arguing statistics. I have presented a more-than-capabable alternative to getting your system working on linux. One in which the mighty Google itself has used and invested money into, and you STILL are telling me that it will not happen.


                A REAL conspiracy theory would be this, "Adobe will not ever support linux, and they have been payed off by Microsoft and Macintosh to do so. Chris is just giving us the run around so that we all may keep buying their software for windows." <---But I am not saying that am I?


                Chris, do not twist my words, and if you cannot provide me with an honest answer as to why you guys will not take minimal steps to helping the ONE free and open sourced project port your application to linux (even if it means changing policy), just do us all a favor and stop insulting our intelligence.

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                  c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

                  »Poll is nothing but an entertaining trick belongs to political propaganda«

                  That point seems valid indeed.

                  But for business related purposes I would expect polls are created somewhat less slantedly as the companies would, I imagine, be genuinely interested in representative results, what with the polls not being published but used in internal decision making processes and the decisions based thereon/influenced thereby possibly affecting revenue later on.


                  Edit: Well, my last surmise is of course irrelevant as you referred to the problem of sample not a poll’s wording.

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