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    Slow stuttering playback. Need some help

    luadke Level 1



      I'm running premiere pro CS4 on a windows 7 machine with 3gb RAM,


      Before I installed windows 7 things were fine and smooth (once rendered) yet now I can't even playback low bit rate files smoothly. Sound plays in real time fine - but video is jumpy and always trying to catch up.


      Any suggestions of where I'm going wrong?



      of course I am rendering, but the issue exists in the source monitor as well  as the timeline one. It is even quicker for me to work in AE and the rest of my system is running smoothly - so I think the proplem is contained to Premiere.


      I don't know if this is an issue with windows 7 or not - as I have been running it for a few months and haven't used premiere on it till now.


      Please help,

      many thanks,