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    Looking for Flex help

    Marlene Level 1

      I am looking for someone to work with me to complete a flex project. I am well studied in Flex (read all the books and completed Lynda.com tutorials and Flex in a week tutorials many times) but am having trouble putting pieces together to complete my own project. I have posted questions on this forum and people have been incredibly helpful and responsive. The problem is that each time I have a question I have to review the entire project to get to the point where I have a question so I am looking for someone to get familiar with the project to help me over the hurdles. I looked at individual support options in the Adobe support section but I just seem to go in circles trying to make that support option work to get some help. If anyone is interested ( I am expecting to pay for this support) please contact me at options@frontex.com.

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          I'd be willing to help you out here and there.  I have a full time job, but enjoy getting people over hurdles.  I'll contact you via email.


          -Marty [http://www.theflexguy.com]

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            Gregory Lafrance Level 6

            I've provided this type of basic support to others at $50 per hour. I bill in 15 minute increments, so for quick questions you would typically pay
            $12.50 per question, $50 / hour for more involved issues.


            One thing, I'm more of a front-end guy, so while I can help with HTTPService connecting to PHP scripts, I'm not up to speed on ColdFusion,
            Java, etc.


            I have a day job, so I would have to respond outside the hours of 9 - 5 pacific standard time.


            I have emailed you about this, so please reply to that email on this topic.