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    Help with jira account

      Sorry for posting this on this forum as a last resort.

      I'm trying to convert my dashboard charts with flex3 and getting hit with the following issue

      So wanted to get a jira account on "Flex bug and issue management system" to update the bug with additional info etc.
      I signed up for an account. Received my confirmation of account setup with id/pswd.
      Unable to login.
      Request for pswd reset. I get the new password
      Still unable to login.

      At this point I go into Contact Administrators and I get to a page with list of names.
      Names are good but I need e-mail address to post my issue.

      Hence posting this here to see I can get someone from that list's attention to my account setup problem.

      Also if someone could answer on the bug listed above which seems quite serious -
      The bug is listed to be fixed on milestone SDK Flex 3.0.1

      What does this mean in terms of getting the fix on Flex Builder .

      Currently I'm using flex 3