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    Media Encoder problems

    HilmarGud Level 1



      I am using Premiere CS4 pro. I export to flash using Media Encoder. I am having problems sometimes when encoding. The screen on my new Mac Book Pro goes all black and I have to restart (by force) or supsend the machine and begin again.


      Is this a known bug or a moderation issue?


      Using Mac Book Pro, Snow Leopard 10.6, plenty og ram and gigs.



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          Jeff Bellune Level 5

          Snow Leopard is that new Mac OS, isn't it?  CS4 isn't supported on that

          OS.  So you're probably blazing a trail through uncharted territory.


          Can you export successfully to other formats besides Flash?



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            HilmarGud Level 1

            Hi Jeff,


            I have really only used flv files. I´ll give another formats a try and see.


            And yes, maybe it is that Mac Os X 10.6 is not ready for CS4.



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              i am experiencing the same problem under snow leopard, although i noticed that if given some time (depending on the size of the video to be compressed), the encoding actually finishes successfully (even with the black screen).


              hope this gets sorted quickly.

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                zensextension Level 1

                CS4 is not supported on Snow Leopard? i read that the main issues were probably CS3 and under... not CS4. In either case, Apple or Adobe should have tested and warned users regarding these issues...

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                  zensextension Level 1

                  well, i must say... is snow leopard getting moody? the thing is that less than 12 hours since my last media encoder black screens and no updtates whatsoever... the media encoder seems to be working just fine...


                  the only change i made in the system was my Energy Saver settings... (display sleep > 15 minutes / computer sleep > 3hours)... i don´t know if this is related to the black screen on media encoder, but just in case anyone runs into this...

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                    I've been having the same issue since installing Snow Leopard, but it isn't limited to MacBooks. I'm running CS4 on a MacPro, but it's connected to a Dell 22" monitor.  Every time I start to encode an .flv, the screen goes black within a few seconds after hitting the "start queue" button.  Sometimes I'm able to bring the screen back by using a hot corner to initiate Dashboard, but that's a rarity.


                    Not sure exactly who to blame here, but it is definitely a combination of Snow Leopard & CS4 Media Encoder.  The hardware or monitor don't seem to be the culprit, but I could be wrong.  Also, I can confirm that the computer doesn't shut down when the screen goes black, as the encode always finishes successfully, and my iTunes continues to play.


                    I haven't fooled around with the Energy Settings yet, but will try that next once my Mac Pro boots back up. This is more of an inconvenience than anything, but having to restart everytime I need to encode an .flv is getting tiresome.  Please help.

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                      jrbernsen Level 1

                      UPDATE: Turns out that turning off the "Preview while encoding" option in Media Encoder's preferences prevents the screen from blacking out. I had initially tried to change the Energy Saver settings so that the monitor never goes to sleep, but that didn't help.  However, turning off that preview feature does fix the issue, at least for my last 3 encoding attempts. I'll let you know if the black screen of death returns, but for now, I'm considering this case closed.

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                        I am having the same problem.  When I go to encode a video the screen goes black but I still have the curer.  Nothing works except force turning on the machine and then restarting.  Not even Apple - Option - Esc works.


                        I made sure I have all the updates but still not working on Mac OS X 10.6

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                          uscrules1 Level 1

                          Also, I tried "Turning off preview while encoding"  - Did nothing to help this problem.

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                            All hell broke lose a few days ago after downloading an os update - a job i was working on wouldn't render at all - kept crashing, ending up wiping my internal harddrive and reloading the mac os x that came with my mac pro and all was good but flash, and words things like text edit wouldn't work so downloaded latest os update (on 10.5.8 now) today and then media encoder wouldn't work but everything else seems fine- just downloaded update to media encoder  ( and everything is great rendering h.264 files without a sweat now.


                            I feel very wary now about os upgrades etc now. It really annoys me though that when I'm out shooting on an expensive broadcast camera is totally reliable (or if there's a problem it's something minor) yet in the edit suite you can do a minor upgrade and thousands of dollars worth of gear simply won't work and instead of 'oh there's a crack in the mic cable), it's something like 'line error at 10005 no IO found!' and you're left thinking (if you're a creative and not computery type like me) what the hell does that mean? All I want to do is render a 30 second ad! It just seems crazy that we are all using gear for our income that is so buggy in the edit area.


                            That's my aggression out now (just annoyed i had to fix my edit gear on a weekend -only downtime - when it's so lovely outside!), so if it helps   mac os x 10.5.8 with encoder version works fine.

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                              the_wine_snob Level 9

                              On the PC-side, I would never update my OS, while working on a Project. There are just too many variables that might go wrong. It appears that the Mac is not THAT much different.


                              On the PC, one can usually count on things going haywire with just Hotfixes, and the like. These usually can be resolved with new video and audio driver updates, though not always.


                              I'd think that it is safe to say that no OS updates should be done, until the Projects are delivered.


                              Glad that you got your issues handled, and wish luck to all others,



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                                me2 guys my flash encoder now crashes abut 23 seconds after start encoding can anyone help

                                im using vista hoke premium and have been using the encoder for two years the 2.5 version and all of a sudden now it dont want to work and even when i go to my studio at livestream it now has security errors and will not let me get into studio gives me error saying unable to connect to channel anyone plzzzzzzz




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                                  I am having the same issue on a macbook pro 10.6.1 If I use shortcut keys to relaunch the finder the screen comes back on. You are totally blind without the screen but you can hit force quit apple+option+esc and then hit the down arrow key a bunch of times....it will stop when it reaches the finder at the bottom of the list and hit return.


                                  This is pretty lame. I am a hard core mac fan and am getting more and more disappointed with snow leopard. Feels like the 10.1 days all over again, where's 10.6.2

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                                    same problem here. if you QUIT the Finder though, the screen will not black out and you can leave encoding preview on.

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                                      I joined this forum just to help you guys out, because I know the problem: it's a Finder bug. You are exporting to the Desktop, and the Finder is trying to give you a live preview of the file you're generating, and it's crashing. This is why relaunching Finder works for some. I had the problem when downloading YouTube videos in Firefox to my Desktop.


                                      Solution: In the Finder, click the View menu and select View Options (⌘ + J). Turn OFF the "Show Icon Preview" option.





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                                        Jim_Simon Level 8

                                        Solution: In the Finder...


                                        Better solution.  Don't use the System drive for anything but OS and Programs.  Export to another drive, preferably a dedicated Export drive.

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                                          jrbernsen Level 1

                                          Thanks for the feedback. I actually was not exporting the Desktop, but to another internal hard drive altogether, and was still getting this problem. However, your reasoning is still probably correct, as I usually have a Finder window open with the destination folder visible. I suppose that same "live preview" that causes the Finder crash via the Desktop would apply to any other destination window as well.


                                          Unfortunately, turning off the preview option in the Finder preferences is not an option for me, as I rely on it daily. From now on I'll make sure the folder that I'm exporting to is not open in the Finder while encoding, and we'll see if the problem pops up again.  Thanks for the help.

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                                            asafltops Level 1

                                            I've had this issue numerous times. I've noticed that the screen goes completely black but that the mouse is still visible. What I have found to fix the problem is unplugging (or plugging in) my external monitor. This seems to cause the display system to refresh and brings the screen back on my laptop. Only works if you have an external monitor, but much better than restarting the computer.

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                                              I am running mac os x 10.4.11 on a MacBook Pro Intel Core Duo.  When I export flash movies, the screen goes black and THE ENTIRE COMPUTER RESTARTS ON ITS OWN!  Cursed!  I thought possibly the laptop was over-heating, but apparently this type of problem is occurring on workstations also. Yikes!

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                                                Stephen Sisk

                                                This is an ongoing issue for me as well and it is an Adobe issue as far as I can determine. However, you DO NOT have to force restart. Nothing is hung, you are not having a kernel panic. What you can do is hit command-esc to enter front row, then esc from front row and you get back to work. Some longer encodings can cause the blank screen effect several times and is a serious pain, but if you gotta have that flv and wanna continue to work, this will get the job done. That said, for #$%@'s sake Adobe, fix this would ya?

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                                                  jrbernsen Level 1

                                                  I think we've determined this issue was being caused by the Perian plugin for Quicktime. If you upgrade to version 1.2 of the Perian plugin, it should prevent the blackouts from happening again.


                                                  If you didn't have Perian installed, then obviously something else is causing this. I'd love to know if it fixes your problem so we can put this issue to rest once and for all...or at least until CS5.