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    Touch Screen Button Issue


      I have a kiosk using a touch screen monitor running a Projector.  The basic screen on the projector is an index screen with 18 transparent buttons overlaying text on an underlying graphic.  The underlaying graphic is the bottom layer. A full screen (stage) transparent button is the next layer, and the top layer has the 19 transparent buttons.  The full screen button is looking for a "right-click" (simulated by a motion detector).  Upon sensing a "right-click", an attract loop is played as a MIAW.  The top layer buttons are "mouseUp" and will close the attract loop and play a specific MIAW.


      My problem:  When a top layer button is touched, the mouse pointer stays over the button just pressed thereby preventing a detection of a 'right-click".  I need it to 'jump' out of the defined button area so it sits on top of the full screen button, waiting for a "right-click".  Is there a method of moving the pointer to a predefined location or coordinates on the stage on the 'mouseUp' of the top layer button?


      Running on a MAC mini with OS 10.5.7


      Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.