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    Sound getting clipped on import?


      Hey there all...It has been a few years! I finally ran into another problem I cannot solve and please need some help. I have a simple page with 8 buttons. Each button has a mp3 file that is set to play on mouseover. Each mp3 is 2 to 7 secs in duration. My problem is, 3 of the med length files are getting clipped at the beginning by a second or so. The others are fine, even the longest at 7 seconds. I have tested the files in the many media players I have and they are fine there. But I can see in the Flash Sound Edit window that the files are missing the beginning of the waveform.

      I have tried extending the timelines, but they won't budge. I have made other projects and imported the mp3's with the same results. If I import as a wav file, or any other, they come out perfect. It is only the mp3's that get clipped. I have even gone as far as to remix and remaster the clips with a tad of silence at both ends, rendered at different bitrates etc with no luck. This is driving me nuts and I am hoping someone has some knowledge about this problem other than what I see here already, which isn't much. And that leads me to think this problem might not be very common...Thanks for any tme and efforts in advance and good luck to everyone that reads this!

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          Yes, I've seen this happen. I usually open the file in an audio editor and export it as an AIFF file. Then import that AIFF into Flash and compress it as an MP3 and it works fine.


          If you can, try and start with the highest quality AIFF or WAV file. Import those to Flash and compress to MP3 in Flash.