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    play action sequences?



      with the first beta only being able to support 15 states i have resulted in having multiple images appear withing the same state by clicking on arrow buttons.


      i wanted to know, is the 'Play action sequence' a series of transitions /movements that occure in the same state? as opposed to the 'play transition to state' command, which obviously takes you to a different state.

      reason i am asking is because i would like to have a series of images shown but only when their designated button has been clicked and these should take place within the same state. i have the buttons designed to fade in and out in a structured (layered) sequence. all buttons ofcourse being positioned in the same place; hence to give the illusion of there being one button switching through the images.


      the problem i am having is getting the buttons to be active once the right state containing these buttons (with the 'play action sequence') is selected.


      I hope this makes some sense as ive found it a bit tricky to explain.


      any help would be great.