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    Audio in .pdf needing multiple clicks to start playing ...


      I am building a Rich Media eBook in pdf format for teaching. I have created a single page 'test-bed' with a couple of audio files (.mp3) and a couple of video files (.flv)  (one each embedded and linked).  The media does play in Acrobat Reader 9, but the audio files will not play when their control icon is first clicked. The player pops up properly, with the play icon appearing as 'pause' as it normally would if the audio were playing. But it is not. Clicking once more turns it to 'play', and then clicking once more starts the audio playing.


      Any advice on why this may be happening, and how I can fix it?


      The test file, which is here, was created in InDesign, and exported as pdf, with the audio and video then added by Acrobat 9 Pro. (Mac OS 10.5.8 / CS4)


      Thanks for any advice ...