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    My understanding of net.SOAP and net.HTTP

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      I've spent the evening Googling around for information on how to access a web server from within a PDF file via JavaScript.  I'd like to summarize my understanding and see if I've got it right.  Here are my take-aways:


      1. The SOAP methods and properties have been deprecated and net.SOAP

           should be used in new designs.


      2. Relative to the net.HTTP request method, the API page indicates:


           I've never dealt with a "folder level JavaScript".  I believe this is a JavaScript that
           is outside of the PDF file and that can be invoked by the PDF file.  If I want to
           deliver a single PDF file (not a PDF file and a separate JavaScript), then I
           presume I should avoid net.HTTP, and use only net.SOAP.
      3.  I can develop and test JavaScripts that use net.SOAP in Acrobat -- true?
            However, to have the resultant PDF file work in Reader, I would need to go
            down the path of LiveCycle Reader Extensions, paying Adobe a fee that
            is a function of how many customers are expected to read the PDF file.
      4. It *appears* that, when a customer opens a Reader Extensions-enabled PDF file,
           they are allowed to only open, modify & save it once. They would be prevented from
           opening/modifying/saving it a second time -- true?  Well, I bet they can open it,
           perhaps even modify it, but they probably can't save it again.  If the customer wanted
           to open/modify/save it a second time, they would need to get a new copy from the
           provider (me) -- true?  If so, this seems very cumbersome.
      5. I believe that net.SOAP is conveyed by HTTP protocol -- true?  I also believe that
           net.SOAP functionality can be used with HTTPS.
      6. Final observation -- it looks like Adobe has changed their JavaScript SDK from PDF
          format to web page format for Acrobat 9.0.  I looked everywhere for the "standard"
          PDF JavaScript API Reference supported by Acrobat 8.0 and before, but never found it.
          Seems like a step backwards, since I can no longer easily print the entire API reference.
      Thanks for your help in letting me know if/if not my understandings are correct. Thanks also for your help in answering my questions interspersed above.