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    mouse clicks blocked improperly when stage resizes


      Hi everyone,


      Been working on this for a while with no success. would really appreciate your help.

      We have the following issue: 1 main flex application is loading another flex application swf using a swfloader placing the child app in the same security domain, but in separate application domains from the parent. There is an '...allowDomain(*)' between the apps and the stage scaling is set to no scaling.


      The problem is that when the stage is resized (window size increases or it goes to fullscreen) the child app 'grows' a large invisible area that blocks mouse clicks from reaching the parent app. This area far exceeds the child app's width & height and can be seen only when doing 'right-click' --> 'show redraw regions'. When scaling the window slowly back to the original stage size that the flash player started out with, those areas grow smaller and eventually disappear. If i load the child app when the main app stage size (window size) is already very big (or in fullscreen), this issue does NOT appear.


      Thanks in advance,