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    Someone please help me :(  FOLLOW-UP

    shanty hill

      Wanted to make sure you guys saw this:




      Thank you both so much for your help.

      I still need to deactivate Adobe from the other drive

      but Im guessing a call to tech will fix that.


      Again, thank you soooo much, I truly appreciate it. I am so relieved its incredible.


      Have a wonderful day


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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Great news. Glad that you are almost there.


          Though there have been some less than complimentary reports of interactions with Adobe TS, I have not heard of anyone having much of an issue with their sales department for things like this. Oh, maybe the "hold music" is a bit loud, but they can reset things for you and seem to be quite understanding of system crashes. I think that one reason for this is that the vast majority of Adobe users just want to do as much "by the book," as they can and Adobe usually makes that easy. Anyone with a bogus copy of the program would likely not be calling sales, but coming here with complaints in stead.


          As for Adobe TS, there seems to be an effort afoot to correct some of the problems from the recent past - or maybe it is just a PR move to alter the perception of TS?


          Good luck,



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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            I posted this in your original thread, but here it is again:


            Try deactivating, then activate again. If that does not work, search the Adobe site (not just the Knowledge Base, but the whole site) for: "LicenseRecover.exe" or "LicenseRecovery" and run that program.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              Considering that the original copy, the one that was Activated, got blown away when the HDD failed, I'm not sure that this would have any effect. Also, I think that Tonya is having a problem getting this reinstallation to Activate, but could be wrong.


              OTOH, if she CAN get it to Activate, by perhaps running the utility that you linked to, maybe she can "clear the books" by a Deactivation/Reactivation.


              Here's hoping.