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    Illustrator CS4  "out of memory" exporting to PSD


      Whenever I try to export, for example, an AI CS4 simple group of 3 objects (with 3 layers) to PSD, I get the "out of memory" error,  This doesn't seem right, sinces I have 6gb memory,  and (2) 300GB Raptor HD's, one with 65% fee and the other with 75% free.  I have the scratchdisk set to Drive D, the second HD.  I am running Win Vista Ultimate 64.


      Now here is the perplexing thing.  I can open the same AI uncompressed file in Coreldraw X4, and Coreldraw will export the file to PSD, including layers, without a hitch.  What's up with that Adobe?


      Thanks for any help,



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          At what resolution do you try to export? What blending options do you use? To which location? The 6GB RAM don't matter. As a 32bit app, AI will never use more than 4 on a 64bit system. There may be something else going on with your system. What processor and graphics card do you have?



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            my frend

            as memory error not related to hard drive and it related to RAM and as mentioned earlier (mylenium) illustrator use up to 4 GB memory.

            but i think that your computer has viruses and those occupy your memory.



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              Skullmaker Level 3

              Hello  Robyn,


              It is the Serious and Critical CS4 Memory Bug. Nothing to do with your computer. Adobe does not care of providing an update to fix this bug reported right after these lousy version was released.


              You can search in this forum and you will find plenty of reports of this nasty bug. I cannot believe people still giving excuses for Adobe Failures.


              Where is the CS4 update? Anyone

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                Bobgraphics101 Level 1

                Thank you Skullmaker, you make the most sense.

                I am sure there is no virus on my computer, the AI file I was trying to export is only 2mb, no blends, 300dpi, I am using an ATI 4870 (which is irrellevant) and an AMD Phenom II 965 CPU, which I am sure is also irrellevant.

                The fact that I can easily export the same AI file to PSD from Coreldraw X4, eliminates any PC issue.


                Thanks, I'll use CDX4 for PSD exports until AI CS4 gets a patch.

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                  Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                  This is astounding I tried this myself with gradients and such and did not come u with an out of memory issue!


                  I am floored I must have the greatest Mac on the planet even a broken application like Illustrator CS 4 cannot bring dow my MacPro.


                  Whoa baby!


                  Now let's be fair you did you create this file entirely in Illustrator?


                  You didn't have to import some of it from Corel by any chance?


                  And you have never ever done any maintenance on your computer is that correct?


                  And you are positive the Vista 64 Bit Ultimate is stable? Because there is no one else on the planet that makes that claim including Microsoft.



                  Oh, wait a second Skullmaker will make that claim though he doesn't use Vista 64 bit Ultimate.


                  Try a new user account do not load any fonts and see what happens. But only if no elements were created in Corel.

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                    Skullmaker Level 3

                    No Problem Robyn,


                    Adobe Illustrator has not provided an update since 9/4/2007. Over 3 years ago!


                    Adobe just does not care to fix their failures.


                    I do not think they will provide an update when the "new" version CS5 is due by April next year.

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                      jadams602 Level 3

                      I recently discovered a specific set of files that duplicate the "Out of memory" dialog error when attempting "Export as PSD" as you describe.

                      Perhaps they stem from the same source issue.


                      For the files I found, the source of the problem was that the files had "Photoshop XMP" metadata (perhaps originally coming from a Photoshop edit)

                      I found that if I removed the Photoshop XMP then these same files that originally errored on Export as PSD with the memory dialog, exported successfully.


                      You can manually delete the Photoshop XMP using the File Info.. XMP dialog, switching to the advanced tab, and then deleting the Photoshop XMP tree.

                      If you are possibly JavaScript scripting the export you can get tricky and temporarily reset the document.XMPString to a clean vanilla version, export as PSD, and then reset the document.XMPString back to the original full XMP (including the Photoshop XMP that only trips up the Export as PSD)


                      I have seen similar web posts saying copying and pasting the document contents into a new clean document helps, and this seems to support the idea that it is the XMP data causing the problem since a copy/paste into a new document blows away any existing XMP from the original document.


                      I can only imagine there might be some bug/limitation with the 'Export as PSD' plugin in Illustrator (happens with CS3 and CS4) that doesn't exist in the more general save as/export to other formats.


                      In case this helps with your cases.



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                        Skullmaker Level 3

                        So it is a bug. Thank you for the confirmation.


                        Is a shame that Adobe Does NOT care to provide any update or patches for its faulty software.


                        Thank you Jeff!

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                          Neeraj N-LscgRS Level 2

                          Try lowering the resolution a bit while exporting to PSD. Exceptionally huge (size, resolution, bit-depth) rasters cannot be generated from Ai. You may be hitting that limit in this particular case.


                          - Neeraj

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                            jadams602 Level 3


                            Thanks for the suggestion, but I guess the point of my post was that, at least for the files this problem is occurring on, changing the resolution or any other parameter in the export dialog has no success on removing the dialog or failed export.


                            The *only* solution for my files is to remove the Photoshop XMP and *only* the Photoshop XMP to make the export work.

                            This implies it has nothing to do with huge rasters. I have seen other suggestions on the web along these lines, but that is not going to be the fix for some files.




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                              I have had the same issues when exporting to PSD and I am using CS5. It's the bug that keeps on bugging.