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    This should be easy ;O) How do I read the exif info in a JPG file?


      Hey all...


      I have been googling this for awhile now with not much luck.


      !st... Hi... I am a Flex AS3 newbie....  but... not a programming newbie...


      My learning project is to create my photoart gallery as a Before and After gallery. Part one is a Flex/Air app to gather the images, scale them to consistant display and thumbnail sizes and build and edit XML data files for the images and galleies. I have actually gotten most of that done..


      I am currently working on editing the XML files for the image information (photographer info, copywrite info, descriptions, gallery...etc.) and pulling in as much information that I can find in the image file itself. That being EXIF data.


      I have found a couple of examples but for the XResolution and Yresolution I just keep getting 72dpi... now the Jpg files that I am using from my camera.. when I look at the properties with Windows XP... it say 300dpi... when I load the image in Photoshop and look at image size it says 300dpi.. in Photoshop if I look at file information the EXIF says 300dpi....


      How can I access that data with Flex/AS3????? After all this is "Adobe" Flex Builder...


      This just seems like it should have been solved ages ago... Please.. point to the right path  ;O)


      I have searched this forum and have found one or two EXIF references, but no answers.


      Thanks for any guidance on the subject.


      Bob Galka