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    Opening Title Sequence - Technical & Aesthetic Ideas?

    the_wine_snob Level 9

      I am about to embark on a Project and am working out the details of the opening title sequence. Here’s what I envision. The sequence opens with a still image. Slowly, blue paint drips down from the top of the frame and finally covers the still image. The title then embosses up through the blue paint and is formed in the paint.


      I’m thinking about doing the "paint" in Painter, as I can create faux 3D with the light and shadow of the natural media brushes there. This will be output as .PSD and may be adjusted in Photoshop, Exported as Layer Comps to vary the drips of paint.


      In PrPro, I plan on Keyframing the Motion>Position, and maybe even Motion>Scale with the Aspect Ratio unlocked so I can adjust the Scale in the Vertical to vary the paint drips.


      The embossed title text will probably be done in Blufftitler, or similar with maybe some Lighting Effects added to dynamically highlight the "depth" of the paint.


      I’m posting for both technical feedback, as well as aesthetic feedback. Besides Painter, Photoshop and PrPro, I also have AE, but think that I can do the animation in PrPro. Still, I’m not locked into that, nor am I locked into using Blufftitler for the text.


      Any thoughts?