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    Live video feed using Flex/Flash


      I have a question if someone doesn't mind giving me a "yes" or "no" answer, please.

      My developers have created a program for me that lets me broadcast my LIVE web cam feed right on my web site in real time so I can provide customer support and allow me to engage with web site visitors. We are using Flash, Flex, and Adobe AIR.

      The broadcast window size is 320 x 240 pixels. The problem is the frame rate. I am only able to broadcast between 5 - 9 frames per second whereas other people have been able to broadcast at around 14 FPS.

      Question: is it possible to use these applications (Flash/Flex/Adobe AIR) to stream live video at 320 X 240 at frame rates at least 24 or higher?

      Thanks in advance for an answer. I don't expect a solution. Just a yes or no from some experience(d) developer(s).

      All the best.