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    Preloader issues.


      Hi there,


      I have this strange issue with preloading my flash website. It has an intro animation, which I made in After Effects, and was deployed into my timeline (in Flash) as many separate frames. It is quite large and makes my SWF file over 7MB. So put a pre-loader on at the start.


      When I first tested my site online, it worked fine and the site loaded in under a minute, but sometimes the animation would be a little stop-start and choppy. However after a while, for some reason, the site has started to take ages to load, and nothing sizable has been added to the site. Without the intro animation the site is still under a megabyte.


      So I'm a bit perplexed that all of a sudden the loading time of the site has jumped from under a minute to a couple of minutes, when there has been no significant changes.


      Have I accidently changed a setting which causes the site to change the way it loads, or maybe the entire intro is being loaded before it plays, and before hand the intro loaded as it played. Can anyone make sense of this? I'm a bit new to flash, so maybe it's a simple answer but it's pretty confusing to me, as one day it was behaving one way, and then differently the next.


      Thanks for reading, Owen