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    xml readmorelink pages


      hey there,

      this is my first time to post here ... and i am hoping for all the expert's to help me,

      i am working on a xml flash website that contains six pages it is a cooking book website when i go to the desserts page for example i have 16 text boxes as recipes names ( they get there titles from the main xml file ) when i click on any of them it will open a new page just like the readmore page ( i copied & edited putting inside it (recipe title, recipe details & an image for the recipe),

      now my problem is .. i want to load a new image for every recipe i got on the website ( in a movieclip ) .. but till now i could not figure it out , my question ia " can i load an image from xml file that will be specific for the readmore pages?"

      did anybody use the readmore page for about 70 -80 times and was able to change the image as many times as the website need???