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    customUpdateUI confusion

    anemitoff12 Level 1
      I am adding an auto-update feature to my product. So I check with the server for the latest version and download the appropriate .air file if a newer version of my application is available. Then I use the Updater update() function to launch the update process. This gives me the ugly black window "Installing application" window.

      The question is whether customUpdateUI can possibly help me eliminate the "ugly black window" and replace it with my own GUI?

      From what I puzzled out from the documentation, it seems like the answer is no. It seems that setting customUpdateUI to true simply allows my application to launch and intercept the "install" action when an .air file for my application is launched directly by the user, which would then allow my application to launch the updater or not.

      Anybody have any more info?
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          Oliver Goldman Adobe Employee
          No, you cannot avoid this window—although I'm sure our designers wouldn't be happy to hear it called ugly.

          In any case, that progress dialog is displayed during the portion of the update process in which your application is not running; that's why you don't get to display your own UI here.