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    Text in FW CS4 doesn't work?


      Just switched from Win to OS X and after installing Fireworks I am having trouble with Fireworks text. I klick on the "T" text icon on the toolbox, draw a frame or try to type anything, and all it does is with each keystroke, it switches between toolfunctions. I can't enter ANY text whatsoever. Have I entered some strange mode??? It worked perfectly on my Win machine... I uninstalled it and reinstalled it. My version at the moment is


      I have updated to the latest version and the problem persists. I have Snow Leopard installed.


      I am really desperate, is it something with my keyboard settings? shortcut settings?


      On another note, the Export Wizard function is also faulty (didn't try that after updating, though), it says when trying to save the file that "the file was not found"


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.