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    Not showing part of a panoramic image




      I'm using an empty MC to load a panoramic image 9000x2000 to the stage.


      When I try to scroll it using my custom buttons, it will only show up to a certain point (my guess is around 4000 or so), and then the canvas goes black (the background color set for the stage).


      My guess is that there is a limitation on the size of the objects (in this case an image) that we can use on flash, but I can't believe that there is no workaround other than breaking the image into a bunch of smaller images and loading them as one scrolls.


      I'm even repositioning the MC that holds the image before it is loaded, so that the image is centered, so that I'm not forcing one side of the workarea to handle most of the image, but only near half of it. After trying this, the image is not showing at all.


      Is there any solution for this issue?


      I'm using CS3, btw.