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    Making Minesweeper

    Gurflob Level 2

      Hi all, I am currently trying to create a game based off of minesweeper. Its fully functional, but I feel that some of my code is a bit computer intensive. Especially the code that uncovers all the tiles in an area that are numberless when you click in the middle of an open area. If anyone could help me out in making it run faster, I would be very gratefull.


      Right now I have a crazy while statement checking for tiles open around the tile you clicked. And if those are open, it checks for all the tiles around that and it repeats untill it encounters a tile with a number. But the problem is, it checks tiles that it have already been checked multiple times.


      This could also help out to make such games as brick breaking games where there are clumps of bricks of the same color together.


      Heres what I have so far http://www.gurflob.com/games/chernobyle.html


      My source code is a bit messy but if you need to see it i can post it.