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    Flex Frameworks ?

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      Hello ,

        I am a Flex programmer ,  a pretty good one I would like to think.  Right now I am exploring the idea of using frameworks , Cairngorm , Mate , PureMVC.  I've seen some of their examples and "View Source Code" , however , I am a little put off by the amount of code generated for something as simple as a "Hello World" type app , as well as the scant tutorials.

        I was wondering if anyone has any experience on when someone should move from "hacking" together code and onto the world of frameworks. Also what are the advantages of some of these frameworks.  The ones I have seen make the code unreadable , at least when you are unfamiliar with the framework.   Last but not least , which framework would you recommend if any at all.


      Sincerely ,


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          JeffryHouser Level 4

          Benefit of using frameworks, as I see it, is consistency in code organization.  This can be a huge boon if you're working on large projects and/or with a team of developers.  If you need to replace or add a member of the team, having a defined set or fules that govern your development style will make it easier for that new developer to get up to speed.  Frameworks can offer that.


          Frameworks, sometimes, can help less experienced developers implement "best practices" within their code.  Model View Controller (MVC) frameworks seem to be the most popular kind, and the onces you mention; Cairngorm, Mate, and PureMV are all MVC based.


          The code for every instance of Hello World looks like overkill; because it is an extremely simplified function that is often used to demonstrate some other process, in these cases how a Framework should work.