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    Classic Tween Corruption Issue with Flash CS4 Pro v10.0.2


      Hi there,


      I'll cut to the chase with this one. I have come across an issue where classic tweens (of movieclips containing .png files) on the timeline are being corrupted when you either alter the .fla's flash settings (specifically JPEG QUALITY) or toggle a library item's image smoothing manually.


      For example, in the attached .fla I have a few tweens on the main timeline. Fine as is (compile to see the animation as it is supposed to be).


      To replicate the issue do the following:


      • Go to FILE > PUBLISH SETTINGS and then change the JPEG QUALITY to anything.
      • Immediately recompile without clicking on the timeline and watch the issue...


      As you will see, only the keyframes of the animation will show in the swf. Any subsequent tweened frames do not show, infact the movieclips being tweened just completely disappear from the stage until the next keyframe...


      However, to make the tween act as it is supposed to, go back to the .fla and just click anywhere on the tween in the timeline and all is back in order.


      This bug is doing my head in as I have a massive flash game being released shortly and I need to be able to compile/recompile between different jpeg compressions. Not to mention the game has over 300 tweens in different mc's and it is just not feasible for me to click on every single tween each time I recompile with a different JPEG setting...


      Help me obiwan-kenobi! You're my only hope!



      Ben Leffler

      3rd Sense Pty Ltd.