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    Release Build Doesn't Work

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      I am working on an application, and the debug version works perfectly.  However, when I export a release build, the release build stops working in the middle of a loop.  The app doesn't freeze, and the controls all still are responsive, but a particular function just stops halfway through a loop.


      It's a pretty complicated app, and there's a lot of stuff going on, so its hard to tell where to even begin, since there are no error messages in the release build.


      Are there any typical reasons a release build would stop like that when the debug version works?  Any suggestions for figuring out what is going wrong?

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          ab1301 Level 1

          Update:  I used try {} catch (){} to isolate the error.  It was a 1023 stack overflow error, meaning my recursive loop repeats too many times for the release build, but not--apparently--for the debug launcher.  So now I have to completely reconfigure my code.  Weak.