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    change lunch menu each day...


      First of all, BIG THANK YOU guys it works.... yet there is a problem with the days, today (monday) it should be week1_1.txt, right? It's not, it's week2_5.txt for some strange reason... anyone who knows? I used this code:


      __________________________________________________________________________________________ _


      var startDate:Date = new Date(2009, 7, 27);

      var now:Date = new Date();

      var d:Number = Math.floor((now.getTime()-startDate.getTime())/(1000*60*60*24));


      var week:Number = 2-Math.ceil((d+1)/7)%2;

      var day:Number = 1+(d%7);


      var sendLV:LoadVars=new LoadVars();

      var receiveLV:LoadVars=new LoadVars();



      myText_txt.text = src;



      __________________________________________________________________________________________ _


      The site is up and running on www.andreasfridholm.se/indianexpress and it's on the main page on the right.

      Saturday was 2_3, sunday 2_4.txt


      BIG thanks