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    Devanagiri charaters displayed wrong in output - Rendering issue


      Hi Gurus

          I am trying to write a PDF using Devanagiri character set using the unicode rules present at http://unicode.org/book/ch09.pdf  .


      We are getting all characters correctly  in order

      TA(n) + VIRAMA(n)  + RA(I)     ->   092A + 094D + 0930

      As per Rule R1  - Page 217
      TA(n) + VIRAMA(n)  comes then is takes a form of TA(d)  [  dead consonant ]    -----  This is happening correctly - properly displayed in reader
          NOTE : There is not glyph in the character set for TA(d) , but when it is rendered by PDF reader it automatically put the characters in correct look.
                        But the glyphs are present for TA(n) and VIRAMA(n) separately in the character set.

      And As per Rule R6  / R7 - Page - 218
      When a "dead consonant" is followed by RA(I)  then It takes form of TA(n)  + RA(sub)  --- This is not happening  and RA(I) is shown separately along with TA(d)
           NOTE : There is no separate glyph for RA(sub), so we put glyph for RA(I) only as mentioned in the Rules.

      So the result is like TA(d) and RA(I) displayed separately ( two different characters ) rather than  one single character that should comes as TA(n) + RA(sub) show in example of page 218 in Rule R6 and Rule R7.



      Can any one help on how I shall write the characters in PDF so that In acrobat reader it will be rendered properly i.e a single reshaped character as defined in book in Rule R7