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    Resizing capture window

    IsabellaR Level 1

      I want to capture an application window. First problem is that a dialog window is open and active, so Captivate wants to capture that dialog window. The red capture window/box however is much to big for that dialog window. I can move the red capture window to try to capture te application window instead of the open dialog window. It seems impossible however to resize the red capture window. Did I overlook something?

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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Welcome, Isabella.


          Which version of Captivate do you use? Mentioning this while questioning makes it a little bit easier to help you.

          When capturing an application, you can choose the application window, but also set the custom size. But as an alternative, you can also choose 'Screen area'.

          You are talking about a dialog, why not wait opening this dialog until you have started the capturing process. I hope you understand what I'm meaning; then you can choose the right application, and have the dialog opened while capturing. Afterwards, while editing, you can always delete the unwanted slides.



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            IsabellaR Level 1

            I am using Cativate 4.

            The problem with the dialog window is that it is the start situation of the application. If I cancel the dialog window, I can not get it back. And it will also not represent the way the end user should use the application. So unfortunately that is not an option.

            I have already started a project an need to record additional slides. It looks like I can not choose application window, custom size or screen area anymore in that state. I looked at the settings to see if I can change something there, without succes.

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              Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Did you try to choose the option 'Screen Area' in the Record dialog box (instead of Application Window), then choose Custom Size. You will get the red recording box, but it will have handles on the corners and the sides, so you can resize if necessary. Beware: in the right to you will see the dimensions. You will have to watch those dimensions. What is the screen resolution you will have to publish to? Will you include a playbar and/or TOC? Because those will take up some screen space in the published SWF. The recording box (after resizing) should ideally have the wanted size (in pixels). It is possible to rescale the project afterwards, but that results often in decrease of quality. Just a tip: try to have at least the same width/height ratio as you will have to publish to.


              If you choose Custom Size, with the option 'Application' and 'Snap Recording Rectangle to Custom Size' you will also have those handles on the red recording box, but changing the size of the box will then result in changing the size of th Application Window, and I believe you will not want that situation?



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                IsabellaR Level 1

                Thank you for your answer so far. I still don't understand how to select custom size in an existing project. When I start a new project and choose software simulation and then I can choose Application or Screen Area.

                ScreenHunter_01 Sep. 07 12.50.gif


                But when I am in an existing project where I already choosed 'Application' when I started the project and I want to add slides, I can not change to Custome Size?

                ScreenHunter_03 Sep. 07 12.55.gif

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                  Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                  You want to change the size of the capture window when adding slides? That seems a little bit strange to me. I'll try to explain: imagine your Captivate file as a book. When you start the file (book) you are asked to choose the size of the pages (= capture window). Then you will put information on the pages (= capture, or proper slides). The environment of the movie is set, perhaps you choose 1024x768 if the published movie will be deployed full screen on monitors with that resolution. If you are changing suddenly to another size, it is like adding pages that have a totally different size to your book.


                  If this is really necessary, I would create a new project (for the 'pages' with different size). You could then do several things after creating both movies:

                  • daisy chain both movies
                  • open the second movie from the first one
                  • change the resolution of the second movie while editing to have the same size as the first one, inserting then the slides from the second movie into the first to have one project at the end.

                  I hope I now did understand your problem?



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