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    offset expression

    beermatt Level 1

      Hi, If I link an effect (say blur) to another (say scale) via an expression using the pick whip, can I offset the link?  That is: if the scale paramaters go from 50% to 100% can I have the blur start at 0% and go to 50%?  If not can I have some kind of "invisible effect" that has no effect but to which I can link other effects?


      You can probably tell I am very new at this.


      Regards, Matt.

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          yenaphe Adobe Community Professional

          Yes you can. in your expression field after you pick whipped your scale property you should have something like that:


          this.comp.layer("your layer").transform.scale


          and you just have to add a -50 to offset it:


          this.comp.layer("your layer").transform.scale-50


          You can do math operation as long as the expression values are numbers:


          this.comp.layer("your layer").transform.scale*2


          even between two linked properties


          this.comp.layer("your layer").transform.scale / this.comp.layer("your layer").transform.rotation




          Hope that helps

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            beermatt Level 1

            Hi Sebastien.  Many thanks.  One more thing, how do I edit the expression field afterwards.  i.e. I have put in a -50 offset but would like to change it to a -40 offset.

            Many thanks, Matt.


            Edited... Doh!  I worked it out.