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    Pausing a presentation


      Dear Forum


      From the question you will correctly deduce I am doing my very first presentation.


      I wish to capture a series of actions performed on screen and then play them back as part of a presentation.  I will at certain times need to interupt the playback to speak.  I am aware that I could probibly go across to the laptop and mouse click on a pause icon but I wondered if anyone had anyway of doing this via a wireless mouse.


      I am thinking of something I can do in PowerPoint which is to instigate the next slide by clicking on my wireless mouse.  This means I can walk around and not have to pause, burrow my head into the laptop and restart.


      Regards and thanks


      Les W 

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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          I'm just a little bit puzzled. You have posted this question on the forum for Captivate. Do you want to have a presentation created with Powerpoint or with Captivate?



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            LWLS17 Level 1

            Sorry for the confusion


            The presentation will be entirely within Captivate.


            I am going to record a series of actions which invole web based activity.  Because the location of the presentation doesn't have internet acess I need to capture that element of the presentation and play it back.  It may well be that people ask questions so I want to be able to pause the recording and restart it without having to dash across the room to the laptop and click on icons.


            The reason for referencing PowerPoint is you can instigate the next/previous slides from right/left clicking a wireless mouse and I was wondering if their were any hotkey or function buttons the control play stop and start



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              Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Just an idea: put a clickbox (transparant) on each slide, so that it covers the whole slide. The slide will pause until you click on the slide. It has the same behavior then as a PPT. I did not try it with a wireless mouse (bit in a hurry for the moment), but you could check this possibility?



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                LWLS17 Level 1

                Thanks for that, will give it a try