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    read configuration from file (xml or ini for exsample) with JavaScript



      i try to read some information from a external file. I tried importDataObject, importTextData and importXFAData by clicking a button. As result i get NotAllowedError. If i read the JavaScript API Reference i see the problem with non-priveliged context and so i understand the error.

      My question is how can i read any information in my document? It can be reading by starting the application or when i press a button. Where is a sample for this? Or is it not possible?


      Like i wrote the time for reading is not so importent. But i need some config informations for the further working in the pdf-document.

      I use windows and Adobe Reader 9. I have free some rights with LiveCycle Reader Extensions for the pdf-document and the document is generated from a template with LiveCycle Designer ES 8.2.


      Thaks for all hints and answers, Cornelius Rohr.