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    percentage discount when an amount is reached

    djdgoode Level 1

      I have produced an order form that allows the user to type in the quantity of various items and there is a running total.

      I now need to display and give a discount of 5% on the running total once it hits £100 pr higher.


      I have a subtoal (A) and a discount (B) and a final total (C)


      if A is less than £100 then B is to display 0.00 and C will show the amount in A


      if A is £100 or more than B gives a 5% discount on the amount and the total A - B = C



      Also to add to this the customer has also requested that if two packs of an item are chosen then a different item is free.


      Buy two of product (P) and get a free dispenser (D)


      so if the user type in 1 of (P) and 1 of (D) they are charged for both items.

      If the user puts in 2 of (P) then they get (D) and for free but this needs to be shown that (D) is ordered as well.

      if they order multiples of 2 of (P) then they get the same number of (D) for example 2 x (P) = 1 free (D)

      4 x (P) = 2 free (D) and so on.


      Where would I even start with this?


      I am learning Java but this is probably a couple of chapters ahead of me.