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    AIR to use for DVD-ROM application - a question


      For a customer (a sound-enginering in film) I am looking for a solution to produce a DVD-ROM (like the 'old' CD-ROM application) for the presentation (a sort of portfolio) of +/- 400 soundfiles (not music, but real sound).


      In the past the production of CD-ROM application was done using "Macromedia Director".


      Now for the past two weeks I have discovered and studied a little about the "desktop" possibilities of AIR-technology. This has greatly impressed me.


      I would like to use AIR (build with Flex) to produce the whole interface for the DVD: displaying the soudfiles in different way: categories, maybe treemapping, searchable database with SQL-lite etc...


      My question is: has someone experience with the use of AIR for DVD-ROM? Can he/she recommends something? The pros/contras?


      Thank you in advance,