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    after effect has encounterd an error.

    kingdomofsolomon Level 1



      again i have problim with after effect and premiere with this error, please help me thank you.


      My system is:

      Mac Book Pro

      2.53 GHz Core 2 Dul

      4GB Ram

      256 Graphic card


      it was working fine both of them Pr and AE, now i start getting this error i dont know where they came from.


      AE will load every thing after loading i get this error and i have to close it.... but Pr i gives me this error when i click ok it will start working... please help me with this, i dont know when will i stop getting these error


      now every thing stoped working it gives me this as will same ( The application Adobe after effect 9.0 quit unexpectedly ) - and when i try to inshall the update it says ( Adobe after effect CS4 9.0.2 - failed to install.


      premiere pro has encounterd an error.
      [/ironside/4.0/mediacore/mediaLayer/videoFilterHost/Make/mac/../../Src/AEPluginV ideoFilterModule.cpp-107]



      thank you