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    Premiere Elements 7 audio problem

    Ron Hodges

      I am having very poor results bringing the audio of MPEG2 files into a Premiere Elements 7 project.


      I am recording digital broadcast TV using Hauppauge WinTV.  The files are MPEG2 with AC3 audio.  File size is typically 20 GB, but I have had trouble with files smaller than 1 GB.  The computer is a new Gateway laptop Intel Core2Duo CPU with 4 GB RAM.  The hard drive has about 300 GB free space.


      I have seen the following behaviors:


      - Video OK, but no audio at all in playback from the Monitor or on the Timeline.  At least initially this problem may have been due to my failure to allow the conform audio step to complete.  However, after I realized that this step needed to occur, I have had a couple of cases where I waited a long time for the "conforming audio" progress bar to appear after the "indexing" was complete and it never started.  The resulting clip in the project had no audio.


      - Occasionally (unfortunately rarely), both the video and audio are brought successfully into the project.


      - One case where the conforming audio got 1/6 of the way through promptly, but then slowed to a crawl.  Eventually finished after 12 hours!  This was on a 1 GB file.  Two minutes into the ten minute clip, a few minutes of repetition of a couple of seconds of the audio occurred (like a stuck needle for those who remember LP records).  Then the audio picked up out of sync for a few minutes before starting the "stuck needle" routine again.


      - Several cases where the conform audio step completed fairly promptly, but the resulting audio went out of sync after a few minutes.


      I tried making a DVD from clips whose audio in playback was corrupted, hoping that the errors might be restricted to the Premiere playback, but the audio on the DVD had the "stuck needle" and out of sync problems.


      The files play fine with Windows Media Player.