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    Another capture problem, sorry


      Need help with capturing video from my Sony HC5.  Some background info:  I have successfully used both HDVsplit and Premiere elements 4 for the last couple of years on my old 32bit Vista machine before it died.  I now have an HP 64 Bit machine with 4GB of RAM.  Unfortunately, both do not work now but exibit the same type of symptom.  They both see the HC5 and can control the play, rewind, etc... features of the camera.  However, neither one of them can "preview" the tape on my laptop and when finally asked to "capture" the video they both start and pretty much immediately fail ...!!!!  I am pretty sure my driver is working since both pieces of SW can see the camera and correctly indentify it, but something is wrong on my laptop and I am getting pretty desparate .....any help would be GREATLY appreciated.  Thanks.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          I'm not sure Premiere Elements 4 will preview a capture from an HDV camcorder -- but version 7 should and so should HDVSplit (assuming, of course, you're capturing over FireWire).


          First, ensure that your operating system is up to date. Manually go to the Windows Update site to do this. Also go to your video card manufacturer's site and get the latest firmware and drivers for your video card. And go to the Apple site to ensure you have the latest Quicktime.



          If you're still having problems, it could be related to the fact that you're on a 64-bit operating system and your video driver isn't compatible with Premiere Elements -- although Vista usually does a pretty good job of switching over to 32-bit compatibility automatically. (XP must be manually set to use 32-bit compatibility.)

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            tonyman78 Level 1

            Thanks Steve.  I do use sue firewire and I  have updated to the latest video drivers and Windows.  I am pretty sure PE installed correctly since everything seems to be working.  I do not use quicktime (I know that is required by PE for things like MOV files) but it causes other problems for me.  Is quicktime required for capturing ?? I don't think I ever had it on my 32bit machine and it worked. Also, that should not cause the issue for HDVSplit which is really what I have used all the time... I was thinking that when I first attached the camera to the computer I may not have went thru the sequence ccarefully (i.e. turn it on first, hook cable second, etc..) and for that reason the SW may have installed the driver for a DV type of device versus HDV (no idea if this makes any sense at all but I am really grasping for ideas !!!)   what do you think ?

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Quicktime plays an important role in all video editing programs, regardless of the video format you are editing. I strongly recommend that you keep it updated.


              The beauty of a FireWire connection is that it requires no special capture drivers (other than the firmware to run the card itself, which is part of your operating system). It's difficult to imagine that you've messed up the connection somehow. It's virtually impossible to do it wrong!


              If you've got a connection (and it sounds like you do) and you have the latest Quicktime and graphics card firmware, you should be able to see and run  your capture from both HDV and miniDV. With HDVSplit you should certainly be able to see the video as you capture it.


              If not, it could be that it's a compatibility issue with your 64-bit OS -- though I've never heard of it affecting capture like this.


              You can always try refreshing your FireWire drivers.


              With your camcorder connected, right-click on My Computer and select Properties, then the Hardware tab, then the Device Manager button. This will display all of your computer's hardware and devices. Open the IEEE 1394 controller and delete the connection. Do this also for your camcorder. Then go to the Action menu and select the option to Scan for New Hardware. This will automatically re-install your FireWire and camcorder connections with fresh drivers.


              Though, as I said, I'd be surprised if this will truly fix your problem. Most often the symptoms you describe are related to your graphics card's firmware and Quicktime.

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                tonyman78 Level 1


                I will try to load Quicktime (hopefully it will not mess up my other Codecs, I use use Klite Standard for the ability to see the M2t Files that HDVsplit generates).  When I look at my device manager the camera shows up under "sound, video and game controllers" and not under the section "IEEE host bus controllers" which I assume is the right place for it to show up ?  Also, is uninstalling the same thing as what you were referring to "deleting" ?  Really appreciate you helping me.

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                  tonyman78 Level 1

                  As an update, since this was a new machine I did a complete system recovery and the problem persists.  I have even used Muvee to try and

                  capture since it was pre-installed with the machine to avoid any potential third party conflicts and it also had the exact same problem.  Have spent hours with Sony and they wash their hands of it !!!!.....  I think I will have to start a new post asking if anyone has ever hooked up the HC5 to an HP machine running Vista 64bit.