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    Trouble with streaming Flash & CNN.com

    Unicornz0 Level 1


      All, of a sudden, I'm no longer able to connect to CNN.com live video. I've  since upgraded Adobe Flash Player and Firefox browser, but I'm still not able to  connect to the live video stream. I've tried disabling my firewall and  antivirus, and am still unable to connect to the live video stream. Recorded  flash video plays fine. I've only been able to find other live video streams  that use Windows Media Player, or Real Video Player.


      The advertisement plays just fine, but the live video stream will not load. I  get a popup to install Octosahpe, which I decline, then a constant connecting to  stream window. The steam never loads. I'd like to test my installed Adobe flash  player with a live flash video stream. Will someone please provide a know link  to a live streaming flash video?

      Thanks in advance,