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    soft mask


      it's an animated website header / banner


      my stage is a long, thin rectanlge, with an asphalt background on a distinct locked layer


      on the stage i also  have a movieclip of white crosswalk 'stripes' motion-tweened from left-to-right over the asphalt


      i am trying to have these stripes fade away as they approach the right side of the banner


      'fade' being the operative word here, i'm trying to create a mask layer in the 'stripes' movieclip that has a transparency gradient








      basically, a recatangle moves left-to-right over the stage, and a mask layer above (aligned left), has a left alpha value of 0, so the rectangle disappears behind it



      i've seen references to 'soft mask' and also animated AS solutions, masks are always far too complicated!





      if providing screenshots here is important, i apologize