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    Reset Camera

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      As most of you know, I have been trying to learn more about how the camera and it's settings and movements work. So I thought play with the settings until you learn something.............OK, I learned something DON'T PLAY WITH THE SETTINGS!!! When I used to use a 50mm camera on my media, it started life in focus until I messed with something, but now it starts out blurry. I tried the 'reset' on the camera, closed the program and reopened, but still no luck. Every time I add the camera it's blurry. How do I get the camera settings back to before I started messing with them??? Thank You

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          I don't follow you. If you choose one of the presets, the cam should always perfectly match the composition window without any issues. TRhe only thing to check is the DOF, perhaps you simply enbaled it by default and overcranked the blur level. This can have some weird side effects sometimes...



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            Lost In My Mind Level 1

            Don't worry Mylenium, I don't follow me very often either . I attached a simple .jpeg photo that is as sharp as sharp until I add a 50mm camera without making a single adjustment. As soon as I turn the camera off, it's clear as clear can be! Thank you for your help.

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              TimeRemapper Level 4

              As Mylenium suggested, you have Depth Of Field enabled.

              If you disable it, your image should become sharp again. If you want to have depth of field, then you need to adjust either your focal plane, or the position of your object in order to restore sharpness to the image.



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                Lost In My Mind Level 1

                Thank you Steve for your prompt and correct response. If I turn off DOF, that does 'fix' the blur, but I did want the DOF on. As I recall, before I started playing with the settings, when I added the camera it was in focus by default? My picture has not been moved at all (especially in Z space), so I don't understand what is wrong. Thanks again.

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                  TimeRemapper Level 4

                  You probably altered the "Focus Distance" value.

                  If you switch your Comp view to the "top" camera angle, you can scrub the Focus Distance value until you see the focal plane line up with your graphic in z-space.

                  That should clear things up on your subject, while maintaing Depth Of Field for the remainder of your scene.

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                    Lost In My Mind Level 1

                    'You probably altered the "Focus Distance" value.'


                    I probably did somewhere along the way, but that is why I was wondering how to reset the camera to it's default settings. Even when I start a new project I have the same results. I took your advice and used the top view to see that the focus distance was off by a mile, but instead of scrubbing, I right clicked on it, hit 'Reset', and just like magic the focus distance jumped perfectly to the .jpeg. I was just wanting it to do that by default when I add the camera, but I guess I can do it this way for now. Sure appreciate your help.

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                      Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                      Mmh, this still sounds somewhat fishy. By how it is supposed to work, the camera should always be sharp, even with DOF on. The camera panel will remember the last used settings, but calculate placement of the camera to always match the comp view at the time it was added. The only thing I could imagine is, that you did not have the Active Camera view enabled whne creating the cam, but ratehr a different one. in that case, there would be nothing to calculate and the cam simply use all the last settings, including the wrong DOF.



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                        Lost In My Mind Level 1

                        Seems fishy to me also!   I attached three screen shots.  1. New project with ,jpeg 2. Add 50mm camera without making any changes. 3. Blur! Thank you Mylenium.



                        PS. I just had a thought (scary I know), when 'camera settings' is open, there is a button across from 'preset' next to the 'garbage can'. I assume, although it doesn't say, that is a 'save' button? If I changed the settings on the 50mm camera earlier and then hit that button, would that then be my new 50mm settings for always and ever?????? If so, again, how do I reset the camera back to it's default settings?

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                          Lost In My Mind Level 1

                          By gosh, I think I figured it out! FYI to reset a camera to it's default settings, Alt click the Delete button in Camera Settings window, and that should do the trick. Live and learn.............