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    Solution to buttons only being used once?



      I've been using Captivate 4 for several E-Learning type (10 x 50page) modules recently and have hit a rather hefty wall of frustration.

      - I have several interactive sections within a Captivate module and several slides have clickable areas and text entry boxes in them.

      - I have a very basic navigation image button sitting at the bottom right hand corner of the screen for 'next slide'

      (and for the most part this is all thats needed)

      - However, there are several slides where multiple actions must take place to proceed to the next slide, and I would like the users to 'scan' through these steps if they wanted by using the button sitting at the bottom right hand corner. Unfortunatley I have found that if I have the image button set to 'Continue' it will proceed to the need action, text-entry, click box etc (which is what I want) but the button can only be used once, meaning they can't 'Continue' passed and onto the next interaction, but the next slide (Not what I want) and therefore skipping several steps.

      Is this 'one-time only' button usage a normal function ? (or one that can be altered ?)

      Skipping through several steps smoothly on the one slide via image button would be Extremely helpful to this module! It seems that placing many copies of the same button at each interval might have been a solution, but it wasn't (and also an extreme pain in the A.)

      Has anyone had solutions to a similar issue ? (the best I could come up with was 'Going Home')

      I get the feeling there is a simple solution hiding around the corner (please prove me right!)

      Any help would be most appreciated.


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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Do I understand your question all right: you want to use one unique button to proceed through all interactions on a slide, and afterwards to go to the next slide?

          Those interactions: did you have a certain order in time, I mean that they first have to do Interaction1, Interaction2 is a little bit later on the Timeline, etc?


          Then you can have your button perform the action Continue. Interaction1 will pause the Timeline until the button is clicked, then Interaction2 will appear, when it is perfomed they can click on the button and the Timeline will proceed to the next Interaction. When all interactions are done, the action 'Continue' will get the Timeline to the end, and then the next slide will appear.


          I hope you see the idea? I'm a little bit in a hurry, do not have the time to make some visual clues.



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            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Hi there


            In addition to what Lilybiri offered, here is another thought.


            All interactive objects such as Click Boxes, Buttons, Text Entry Boxes and Question Slides will normally Pause playback until the end user interacts with them. Then they normally follow whatever action has been assigned to them.


            I might suggest setting the pause point very late in the slide time for your button. Either that or configure it so it isn't even available to be clicked until after the user has interacted with the last element. Then make the Button available. Before then you could insert a dimmed or "grayed out" button in its place as an image to indicate it's there, but not active.


            Cheers... Rick



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              ReanimatedSausages Level 1

              Thank you both for the help.


              Lilybiri, you pretty much had the problem understood

              "To use one unique button to proceed through all interactions on a slide, and afterwards to go to the next slide?"


              The problem that im hitting is..

              - Say I have 3 interactions on the one slide, the 3rd leading on to the next slide.

              - The unique button, set to Continue (say, a simple right facing arrow) is intended for them to skip the interactions if they wish.

              - The first interaction they can skip without any hassle, and proceed to the second.

              - But here they end up having to use the interaction (say, a text entry box) because the unique button has been used and is rendered inactive from now on (despite displaying for the entire slide length) and will not allow them to skip another interaction.


              (worth mentioning that the exported version of this will not have any skin on it)


              I have tried duplicating the button, laying it one after the other alongside the interactions, for the most part it works but it's awkward and not exactly flawless...


              Unfortunatley greying out this button will not achieve my intentions for the slide.


              Is it worth asking for 'multiple click' type addition to the button preferences for the next version of Cp ?





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                www.cpguru.com Level 4

                Unfortunately I think that the only solution is to create the button in Flash and use that insted. That way you could make it work like you want.


                You could use the rdcmndResume variable to make your project resume play once the button is clicked.




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