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    I wish to hire someone...


      I have developed an online editable website. I would like you to create the following using AS 2.


      Frame 1 (capturing movie clips and displaying)
      •         3 - 6 movie clips will be displayed. (vector arts)

      •         3 - 6 buttons should be there to capture each movieclip.

      •         A next button will be three to move in to frame 2.

      Frame 2 (this is the submit form)
      •         2 combo boxes, few input fields should be there. (the selected images in frame 1 should not be visible here).

      •         When clicked on the SUBMIT button all the data (whatever is filled) and ONLY the captured images should be sent to a PHP server script.

      •         I should receive an email with all those information.

      •         Also I should receive the selected images in a PDF document. Each image should be in separate a PDF. (E.g. if a viewer has selected 3 images I should receive the info + 3 PDF attachments).


      Basically what I need is a FLA file which captures vector arts - submitting them to a server side script (PHP) and receiving it to my mail as a PDF document. I cannot give you the original FLA. Therefore I should be able use your FLA to extract the actionscript and incorporate it in to my FLA file. Please let me know if anyone who feels capable of creating what I want and offer your services.