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    SWF not Loaded 100% using SWFLoader !!!!!!!

    gowrishankar- flex
      HI all,
      Iam working in Flex Project, i got hung up with a issue with SWFLoader, I have main application and a sub application developed in FLEX 3, the sub application contains the flex pages of DashBoard screen, the SWF of sub application is loaded in main application using SWFLoader. if the browser is opened full , the SWF is loaded 100% , if the browser is opened 75% the swf is not loaded fully. when the browser is maximized the SWF is not displayed full screen. the issue is THE SWF IS GETTING LOADED ACCORDING TO THE BROWSER SIZE, WHEN BROWSER IS MAXIMIZED THE SWF IS DISPLAYED SAME WHEN BROWSER WAS 75% AND NOT EXPANDED .if anybody come across this issue, pls post reply , thanks.


      The swf of subApplication is loaded in the main with the code:

      <mx:Canvas id="dashCanvas" creationPolicy="all" cachePolicy="on"width="100%" backgroundColor="#FFFFFF" horizontalScrollPolicy="off" verticalScrollPolicy="off" >
      <mx:SWFLoader id="dashBoard" trustContent="true" width="100%" height="100%" scaleContent="true" autoLoad="true" source="@Embed(source='../../../../assets/appl/dashboard/dashboard.swf')" />


      The width and height of thr subApplication and the Main Application are set as 100%.


      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --
      when the width and height of the subApplication is set as :


      height = Capabilities.screenResolutionY;


      the SWF loads fully and correctly when the browser is opened 100% but when the browser is 75% open, the SWF gets loaded according to the browser.
      Thanks & Regards
      Gowrishankar R