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    getURL not working

    BobMelnyk Level 1

      I've developed some flash actionscript which loads in some images from an xml file. Along with the images, each entry in the xml file also contains a caption for the image and a link to go to if someone clicks on the image. There is also code to scroll the images left and right.

      As long as everything is stored on the same server, all works great. An example can be seen here: http://www.summitwebpages.com/flash/test_image.html

      BUT...if I put the html file which references the flash, on a different server from everything else, there is a problem. Everything seems to set up fine. The images and captions are all pulled in fine. The scrolling works fine. But, even though the images appear to be clickable, when you click on an image, nothing happens. Somehow it seems the getURL function does not work properly. Is there something simple/obvious going on here that I just don't understand that would cause this? Any help/insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks!