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    Has any one implemented support of swf for jaws throught actionscript

    Leela RamaKrishna Level 1



      Has any One of you implemented support for swf so that it can be Readable by ScreenReaders like


      1) JAWS 2) WindowsEye



      while users can give the support throught either ActionScript or using Accessibility Panel by selecting the Movie clip and giving the name , description,

      tabIndex etc .

      (Alt + F2)  is the Option for Accessibility Panel in Flash .


      in ActionScript we can give the support in this way



      if ( _accProps == undefined ) 
      _accProps = new Object();
      _accProps.name = "My SWF file";



      But when i have Implemented and embedded the swf in html and tested it  .The Observed functionality of ScreenReader reading the content of SWF Movie

      is not observed . Currently i am testing the swf using Trail Version of JAWS 9.0 and Apart from that there is a AddOn for Mozilla Firefox call Fire Vox for which i tested .


      Can any One of you has done or kind of these thing , could you share your ideas



      leela Bandaru