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    Speed problems with AE CS4 windows 7... fixed.

    Jumanous Level 1

      Ok, this was the post I was going to write.. but in writing it I figured it out.


      on a 1280x720 30fps comp, I can't seem to preview higher than 20fps - even with a blank comp.

      my specs are as follows:

      Core 2 quad Q6600 @3GHz

      8GB of DDR2 800

      Geforce 280GTX 1GB (latest drivers, and old drivers made no difference)

      6 HDDs varying from 320GB to 750GB


      I've gone through the AE optimisation guide, and managed to squeeze out about 2 extra fps.  Was initially getting 17fps, and overclocking put me up to 21fps.  Is this really the best I can expect from an empty comp with this spec?  Or am I doing something wrong?

      I can only just get 24fps on a 640x480 comp (empty) - and that even drops back to 22 at times.


      I have openGL preview on.

      I have openGL render on.

      I'm in Windows 7 x64

      I have 2GB allocated per CPU

      I have 1 CPU left spare for the OS

      Aero is on.


      Very confused. Especially when you consider I can usually watch 2 1080p movies similtaneously with out even the slightest shudder.  I'm not saying I expect this, but 720p?


      And here is the answer:


      Turn off Aero! Now getting 30fps easily.

      Wow.. can't believe it removes an entire 10fps.