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    how do i export to dvd format




      I have a 2.5hr avi movie and in premiere pro cs4 I use the export media function and chose to export to mpeg2-dvd. After processing, the dvd clip was around 1.5hrs long. I chose not to include audio so the preset automatically changed to custom.


      How can the avi file be converted to dvd format at the highest quality for a specific file size?


      If i want to write to a folder and not to burn to dvd is there an option to choose my own file size and premiere will convert it to dvd format at the best quality for the specific file size output?




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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Export as AVI and let Encore handle the transcoding or use a bitrate calculator like this one: http://dvd-hq.info/bitrate_calculator.php?PHPSESSID=6501b6b2b31f4c4a295bc8c2ba1e6f57#Calcu lator


          or even simpler, with the timeline active, use File/Adobe Dynamic Link/Send to Encore.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9



            If the intended delivery is DVD-Video, whether burned to a disc, or to a folder for later burning to disc. Encore is what you want to use.


            As Harm points out, you can Export to either a DV-AVI Type II (can be muxed, bur elemental streams are a fail-safe), or to DVD-compliant MPEG-2 (here I would use elemental streams) and then Imported into Encore (or Linked to Encore via Adobe DL).


            In Encore, if you use the DV-AVI Type II files, it will do the calculations for you automatically, or semi-automatically, if you choose. With the MPEG-2, you do the calculations beforehand and make those settings adjustments. This is done via the bit-rate calculator that Harm linked to, or similar.


            When you mention "target file size," exactly what are you shooting for here? If it's just fitting to a DVD-5 disc, then Encore will take care of that. If it's something else, please let us know.


            Good luck,