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    Fuji S5 RAFs and DNGs show horizontal lines (img)



      I imported with LR 2.2 several Fuji S5 raw files (RAFs).

      SOME, not all, show horizontal lines, see attached image.


      (I get the same effect in Picasa under windows 7 and Picasa under Ubuntu and Gimp under Ubuntu.)

      **However the lines DO NOT show with Fuji's Finepix viewer that was included with my camera.**


      Then I converted the RAFs to DNGs with Adobe DNG converter 5.4 and then 5.5, reimported to LR and got the same lines with both converters.


      Your help is appreciated.


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          Thomas Knoll Level 2

          Your files are corrupted.   Most likely the Fuji software is only showing the embedded JPEG preview image (which is OK), not the actual raw data which is corrupted.   You will see the corruption if you use Fuji's raw converter and actually to to convert the file to a TIFF, for example.

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            iek68 Level 1

            Thanx Thomas,

            that was it! It was also confirmed by a knowledgeable dpreview member.

            I had copied the files from a card reader to an external HD. With this method the corruption occured.


            Now I copied them directly to the internal HD and they were perfectly ok.

            I thought I had two bad S5 cameras!


            Now that my heart returned to its place, the philosophical question is why did this happen with my Fuji S5?

            The dpreview member had experienced this also with his S2.

            I did this copy procedure a thousand times with my Pentax and Nikon RAWs and never had this problem.

            I know its now off topic, but it's an interesting Fuji & hardware bug.


            Thanx a million for your time!


            Greetings from Athens