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    Cursor changes from 'hand' to 'I cross bar' over link in TextArea on mouseUp


      Hello All,


      I have a TextArea displaying htmlText with embedded links; selectable is set to false. Everything works fine - I click the links and events happen, etc. - except for one small niggle:


      on mouseOver a link the cursor changes from an arrow to a hand cursor (good); on mouseDown still hand cursor (good); on mouseUp the cursor changes to 'I cross bar' (annoying!). And as soon as the mouse is moved the cursor changes back to either a hand (when over a link) or arrow (when not).


      Question: How can I get the cursor to stop changing from 'hand' to 'I cross bar' on mouseUp over a link in the TextArea?


      Flex Builder (3.0.214193)


      Help please.