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    Need help to decompile .SWF

    Marc Hillman

      I hope this doesn't break any forum rules, but I desparately need an .SWF decompiled to .FLA. I am the webmaster for a small (not for profit) club, and I've inherited the club website. Naturally, the source for many things are missing, including the main page http://www.mjoc.org.au/


      Is there anybody who could do me a great favour and decompile the attached file for me?


      There are several decompilers out there, but they all seem around the $100 mark, and the club can't afford such a thing, particularly as it's a one off, and may not be usable. I've tried a few trial versions, but they all have limitations which don't produce a viable .FLA.


      Any help greatly appreciated.

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          RossRitchey Community Member

          While many in the Flash community disprove of decompiling, I support it for official purposes.


          I have sent an email to the Web Master of the website in question to guarantee validity in this request before helping to decompile.  When I receive verification that I would not be helping someone steal another's work, I will forward a decompiled FLA via email.

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            Marc Hillman Community Member

            Thanks Ross - and yes it is for "official purposes". I have not received your authentication request. Did you use the address webmaster@mjoc.org.au ?


            At the risk of stretching the friendship, I've just discovered there are actually two .SWF files critical to the site - the main page, and one that drives all other pages with a map in the header. IF possible, I'd like that one dcompiled as well. Then I can start making the few changes needed.



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              RossRitchey Community Member



              I used the contact form on the website to send the note, selecting Web Master from the drop-down.


              I will try sending another directly from my email account.

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                Marc Hillman Community Member

                Hmmm, must be broken like many things

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                  Lon Winters Community Member

                  I have to say, decompiling a swf saved my arse once, big time.


                  It was a file that I authored, and had a lot of AS in it that i had done for the first time and it took several days to do.  I was working on it in three different locations and ultimatley didn't save the most recent version.  Of course I didn't discover this until about 6 monthes later when I had to make some updates.


                  I couldn't remember what I'd done in the code, or how I did it or anything.  I also broke a cardinal rule of programming and didn't document what I did either.  So I ran the decompiler, all the code was intact and I breathed a HUGE sigh of relief and vowed to never ever let my files get out of sync again!

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                    RossRitchey Community Member

                    Marc, I sent you the FLA's yesterday, but it seems you didn't get them, so I just re-sent them to your email.